Visit Concarneau and the walled city

A Breton town located in southern Finistère and a former stronghold in Brittany, Concarneau is both a seaside resort and an important fishing port. It is called “blue city” because of the blue color used to dye fishing nets. Here is an overview of the must-sees in Concarneau!

What to visit in Concarneau?

Concarneau is as interesting for the beauty of its nature as for its historical and cultural heritage, especially in the walled city. Those who wish to conquer this Breton city will see their stay punctuated with varied activities and their desires fulfilled. If you stay at the campsite in Fouesnant, this is a visit not to be missed!

The closed city

City of Art and History, Concarneau is famous for its “closed city”, a fortified city (from the 15th and 16th century and remodeled in the 19th century by Vauban) around which the city developed. Each year, it attracts more than a million and a half tourists. From its ramparts, it offers incredible panoramas over the bay of Concarneau, the fishing and yachting ports. Its narrow cobbled streets are home to a variety of restaurants and shops as well as the fishing museum. To all this is added the Carré des Larrons, a major venue for concerts of all kinds located in the heart of the ramparts of the fortified city and where groups of orchestras and local folklore display their talent.

Our advices :

To park easily in high season and go to the walled city, it is better to take the ferry ( only 3 minutes crossing) and pefer the morning to move freely 😉


The beaches of Concarneau

Full of tourist attractions, the blue city is best known for its magnificent beaches which rhyme with relaxation and activities for children, adolescents and even adults.

Sables Blancs beach

Sables Blancs beach is undoubtedly the most popular of all, and therefore the most family-friendly. It is also one of the places around which the city’s tourism has developed. Bordered by a few villas and stretching magnificently between two rocky points, this fine sandy beach is a site where paddles, windsurfers, catamarans and kayaks come together.

In summer, Sables Blancs beach is suitable for swimming for all, as it is monitored 7 days a week at the times indicated. The water is regularly cleaned and is clear even on cloudy days.

Many fun activities for all ages are offered from Tuesday to Saturday: beach games for the little ones, yoga, water aerobics, beach volleyball, fitness …

Kernous beach

Difficult to access, and therefore more preserved and discreet, Kernous beach is one of Concarneau’s gems.

This deep cove is distinguished by its setting as intimate as it is wooded where fine sand, clear water and a panorama of Cap Coz beach as far as the Beg-Meil semaphore combine to seduce tourists. To all this is added its southwest orientation guaranteeing optimal sunshine.

Other beaches very popular with families

Apart from Sables Blancs beach and Kernous beach, Belle Étoile beach is also sure to delight families, and especially shrimp fishing enthusiasts. It is located on the Cabellou peninsula and stretches over 500 meters. In particular, there are small dunes and fine sand.

As for the Plage des Dames, it is strewn with rocks, offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Concarneau and is bordered by old villas recalling the presence of the bourgeoisie. Like the Plage des Sables Blancs, it is very popular with families.

Keriolet castle

Located just 5 minutes from the Ville-Close and listed as a historical monument, the Château de Keriolet is a neo-Gothic private residence whose origins date back to the 13th century and which highlights the beauty of the 19th century architecture. century. This magnificent manor house associated with beautiful gardens sheltered the love of the Russian Imperial Princess Zénaïde Narischkine by a commoner, thus become a noble. The guided tour of the castle will allow visitors to experience this Russian epic in Brittany in detail.

What to do in Concarneau when it rains?

In the event that a few drops fall in the summer season, there is no shortage of activities.

The Marinarium

For example, you can go to the Marinarium, the oldest marine station in the world which, until today, is still in operation. The Concarneau marine biology station offers a visit of approximately 45 minutes of very well explained visit to take another look at the marine environment. Many texts and explanations with some local fish in aquariums and even a tactile pool that will excite the youngest and old children. An ideal family visit.

Marinarium de Concarneau

The fishing museum

The fishing museum, located at the entrance to the Ville-Close, is also one of the addresses that you absolutely must discover with children when it rains.

Very well documented and illustrated, there is a retrospective of fishing techniques throughout history, models of boats and a trawler to visit at the quay.

Le musée de la pêche à Concarneau

Otherwise, you can also explore Breton art during a visit to the Gloux gallery, or visit the museums of Quimperand Pont-Aven

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