The most beautiful hiking trails in South Finistère

South Finistère is a department full of hiking trails. Whether you're looking for a short tour or a longer one, you're bound to find something here. Today we're going to talk about our favorite hiking trails. So, are you ready to discover the south of Finistère?
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Hikes along the coastal path (Armor)

Pointe de la torche
Pointe de la torche

1- La pointe de la Torche

Discover this itinerary in the heart of the Bigouden country, easy to do with the whole family. It takes an average of 4 hours to walk 14 km. The Pointe de la Torche is one of the most extraordinary sites because of its wild character and its prehistoric remains. You can access it all year round, and the experience is worth it in any season, rain or shine.

On the way, you can discover the beautiful coastal landscapes of the South Finistère, and old blockhouses on the beach. You will also be able to admire the impressive figures of surfers from all over the world.

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 14km

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2- Stroll around Penmarc’h

The circuit of the tip of Penmarch will make you discover the rocks of Saint Gué very exposed to the west winds and the swell, the beach of Pors Carn but also the old railroad, the chapel of Kerty in edge of sea as well as the famous lighthouse of Eckmühl. This lighthouse among the most beautiful in Europe can be visited in season.

This 12,6 km loop will make you discover the fauna and the flora of the Finisterian coast while offering the splendid panoramas on the sea. This is an easy hike starting from the parking lot of the port of Saint-Guénolé in Penmarc’h.

Spiral staircase detail of the Eckmuhl lighthouse in Brittany, france

Duration: 3 hours 30 min

Distance: 12,6 km

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3- The tour of the Cap de la Chèvre near Crozon

Explore at your leisure this well-marked 8.5 km loop near Crozon, in Finistère. This itinerary is relatively easy and takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete (the hike is easier to complete counter-clockwise). Be careful to follow the instructions, both for your safety and for the preservation of this heavenly site.

Think of equipping yourself for the walk (sneakers at least) because the paths on this coast are steep and stony. Once there, you will be able to admire superb panoramas, varied landscapes… and a view on the bay of Douarnenez. Everything for an unforgettable ride!

Duration: 2 hours 30 min

Distance: 8,5 km

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4- The Pointe du Raz tour

This beautiful 7km hike takes you to one of the most beautiful places in Brittany. Download the GPS track to follow the route. This way you can avoid the official parking lot, which has to be paid for in season.

The first part of the walk takes you past the charming chapel of St. Michael, then along the southern side of the promontory. From here, you will have a magnificent view of the lighthouse and, on a clear day, of theisland of Sein.

In the second part of the circuit, you will have in sight the Pointe du Van and the Baie des Trépassés.

If you have time, think of going to see the Saint-They chapel and the beautiful view on the north side of the Pointe du Raz. You can also enjoy the beach of the Baie des Trépassés.

Pointe du Raz and La Vieille lighthouse in Plogoff

Duration: 2 hours 25 min

Distance: 7 km

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5- Walk from Beg-Meil to Concarneau by the GR34

The 23 km hike around the bay of La Forêt-Fouesnant is an ideal way to discover the mythical customs path that runs along the coast facing the Glénan islands. The GR 34 passes at the foot of our campsite. You will follow the customs path, from the port of Begmeil to Concarneau passing by Port La Forêt. All along your walk you will find nice little coves and quiet places to picnic. You will be able to admire superb views and discover the St. Lawrence and St. John coves, where a ship’s graveyard lies in an atmosphere of mystery and silence.

The return trip is by boat with the
Vedettes de l’Odet
to the hold of Begmeil.

Baie de la Forêt Fouesnant

Duration: 6 hours 30 min (one way)

Distance: 7 km

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6- Starting from the Pointe du Millier

This superb hike is one of those places you’d like to keep to yourself. Unfortunately, it is one of the most beautiful walks in South Finistère and it is difficult not to mention it.

The departure is from the parking lot located at the Pointe du Millier. After a tour of the lighthouse, which regularly hosts exhibitions, you will leave this magnificent viewpoint and head for the Keriolet Mill , which offers a free visit every day from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm, from April to September. You will be able to buy buckwheat flour milled on the spot and discover the operation of the mill.

The next part of the hike takes you through the countryside, where you can discover some dolmens before joining the coastal path and the beach of Pors Peron with its white sand and turquoise water (be careful, swimming is dangerous). When the weather is good, you will have a breathtaking view of the Crozon peninsula and the Cap de la Chèvre.

Duration: 3 hours

Distance: 10 km

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7- The circuit of Pors Poulhan

The circuit of Pors Poulhan is a small loop of 11 km very pleasant to make. It is possible to do it in 3h30, but take your time to enjoy the landscape and the tranquility of the place.

There is a large free parking lot at the starting point. Do not miss the statue of the Bigouden, facing the ocean with its inscription: “Ama echu bro Bigouden”, which means: here ends the Bigouden Country.

You can then go to the water mill of Tréouzien, in its green setting. It has been renovated and furnished with period furniture. It can be visited in season.

Continue your walk to the archaeological remains and archaeological site of Menez Dregan and its interpretation center. Please note: if you want to make this nice walk with children. A game booklet is available at the Tourist Office of Plozevet (12€). It follows a similar itinerary along the coast with riddles and games related to the sites crossed

pors Poulhan

Duration: 3 hours 30 min

Distance: 11 km

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8- A day in Nevez

This route around our campsite is an opportunity to discover a beautiful hike along the coastal path.

At the starting point, the beach of Port Manec’h – St Nicolas is a small seaside resort with an old-fashioned charm, with white cabins from the belle époque, overlooking the ocean. From the beach, you can follow the long-distance path to discover other coastal features, including the thatched cottages of Kerascoët in Nevez, which are original 15th-century houses that have been carefully restored. Then take the coastal path to Tahiti beach, another stage of the gr 34 with an evocative name inspired by Gauguin who moved to Tahiti after having stayed in Pont Aven. This beach of fine sand is a jewel of the south Finistère.

Duration: 3 hours 15 min

Distance: 10 km

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The hikes on the Argoat side

The Argoat, as opposed to the Armor, designates the interior of Brittany. Indeed, ar means “near” and koad means “wood”.

9- The Gorges of Stangala

Want to go for a walk in nature? The
gorges of Stangala
are perfect for that ! Ideal when the weather is hot, you can hike in the forest and along the Odet river with magnificent views. (These gorges offer up to 80m of difference in level to the river Odet). Don’t forget to bring good shoes and a snack for the children because it’s a climb! Here you will be in the heart of secret and mysterious Brittany, as suggested by the legend of the Griffon du Stangala, a creature with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle who had his lair in a cave of this rocky promontory called the Griffonier.

The walking tour lasts about 2 hours through the woods, from the Griffonès parking lot.

Duration: 3 hours 30 min

Distance: 11 km

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10- The Vire-Courts

The Vire-Court designate the meanders of the Odet particularly tight. At the beginning of the 18th century Spanish ships turned back here, thinking that the river stopped here, but in reality it narrowed considerably and was flanked by high cliffs.

This 20km loop, the start of which is on the route des châteaux, will take you through several remarkable places, such as the Roman baths of Pérennou and the Rossulien mill. You will also come across the rocks of the Saut de la pucelle and the chaise de l’évêque, a legendary rocky outcrop that offers a breathtaking view of the meandering river. (Be careful, this place is not secure and not suitable for children).

Duration: 4 hours

Distance: 20 km

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11- Circuit of the mountain of Locronan

Locronan, famous for its medieval architecture, is also famous for its Troménie, one of the most astonishing religious festivals since it is a real hike. A unique event in Brittany, it has its origins in the Celtic calendar and druidic ceremonies. Don’t miss the wonderful panorama on the bay of Douarnenez, which you can observe from the Ar Sonj chapel.

The loop of the small Troménie, of 8km, is accessible in all the year. The one of the great Troménie, which passes by private grounds, is opened to the public only every 6 years. The next Grande Troménie will take place in 2025. A Breton curse states “He who has not done the Troménie in his lifetime, will do it once dead, advancing each day by the length of his coffin.” You have been warned 🙂

Duration: 2 hours

Distance: 8 km

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Village de Locronan

12- Walking tour on the Laïta river

If you’re looking for a great forest hike in South Finistère, look no further than the Toulfoën Forest Trail on the north side of the forest. This path gives you access to the King’s Way, and will take you near the castle of Carnoët. According to the legend, it would be one of the many haunts of Conomor, a bloodthirsty Breton king, a sort of Breton Bluebeard. The visit of the chapel of Lothéa, the bread oven and the fountain are a must. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking views or just a little fresh air and exercise in beautiful surroundings, you’re sure to enjoy this walk.

Duration: 2 hours 35 min

Distance: 8,32 km

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South Finistère is an amazing place that has a lot to offer in terms of hiking and outdoor activities. The landscapes are varied and there is something for everyone. It would take several stays to have time to do everything, so come and visit us soon.Book your stay today and start planning your next adventure!

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