Breton specialties

Breton specialties: Our best addresses for gourmets

Discover the Breton specialties to taste absolutely during your holidays in South Finistère, and our best addresses to enjoy them!



Do you know the pink gold of Finistère? This is the langoustine, a speciality ofLoctudy. The arrival of the fishing vessels and daily sales at the auction are worth a visit. Living langoustines are caught daily in the Grande Vasière area.
Nature with mayonnaise or cooked with spices, this “beautiful lady” is simply a treat! In Plobannalec-Lesconil, a party is even dedicated to it at the beginning of August (entrance is free).

The Kouign Aman

The famous butter cake (kouign “  cake  “, amann ”  butter  “) is a staple of Breton cuisine. To devour a kouign aman that is both crispy and soft, nothing could be simpler.  : direction the bakeries of Finistère!

 Our favorite addresses:

Boulangerie Des Plomarc’h
20 Rue des Plomarc’h in Douarnenez

Le Guillou Bakery
Church Square in  Locronan


In Brittany, you can taste cider, a flagship drink! Craft cider factories will be happy to share with you the secrets of making this apple-based drink. The Kerne cider factory is the oldest in Finistère. Also visit the cider factory of the Château de Lézergue in Ergué Gabéric or the Menez Brug in Fouesnant, which organises guided tours every Wednesday from 15 June to 15 September. (10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm).

Menez Brug Cider Factory
54 Hent Carbon, 29170 Fouesnant

Kerné Cider Factory
Mesmeur, 29710 Pouldreuzic

Lezergué Castle Cider Factory
1 Route de Plas an Dans, 29500 Ergué-Gabéric

Salted butter caramel

Brittany is famous for its excellent biscuits but also for its salted butter caramel (also named salidou). Why don’t you go to the Ty Guerné store in Concarneau ? Kouign Aaman, Pont-Aven patties, lace pancakes, Breton palets, crakous (nutty crisps)… you wont know where to start. !

Ty guerné Artisan Biscuitry
15 Rue de Penanguer, 29900 Concarneau


In Brittany, there are very good honeys. Near the campsite Les Saules, the Fouesnanthoney factory welcomes you into the world of bees. Follow a summer tour and discover all the products that can be created: sweets, body creams…

Fouesnant’s honey
102 Route de Fouesnant, 29170 Fouesnant

Breton beer

Do you know that there are nearly 100 breweries in Brittany? An excursion is required at Britt boutik factory, located in Trégunc just 18 minutes from the campsite Les Saules. You will discover many beers with different aromas. Continue your taste escape in the Tri Martolod brewery, located in Concarneau. For a more complete panorama, head to theLoup Garou gourmand in Locronan (a 37-minute drive from the Forest-Fouesnant) which specializes in Breton beers.

Britt Boutik (factory store)
ZA de Kerouel – 29910 TREGUNC

Tri Martolod Brewery
Z.A. du Colguen, 29900 Concarneau

Le Loup Garou Gourmand
Place de l’église, 29180 Locronan


We no longer present the crepes … Golden and fluffy, they have conquered the palates of young and old. To succumb to gluttony, we recommend the crêperies Place au beurre in Quimper, Quartier d’été at la Forêt-Fouesnant, Côté Mer in Concarneau and Ty Coz in Locronan.

Quartier d’été
42 Rue du Vieux Port, 29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant

Coté Mer
2 Boulevard Bougainville, 29900 Concarneau

Crêperie Ty Coz
Place de l’église, 29180 Locronan

The Henaff pâté

The reputation of the little blue box is well established! Even if it is available for sale everywhere, you should know that Pouldreuzic’s shop and the Henaff pâté museum are only a 40-minute drive from Les Saules campsite. Notice to the amateurs! Pâté Hénaff, rillettes, mousses, sausages, terrines and many other products are sold on site.

Henaff shop
Lieu-dit Pendreff, 29170 Pouldreuzic

Canned fish

In Brittany, fish are canned. From the Forest-Fouesnant, you can go to the Chancerelle canneries in Douarnenez, Gonidec in Concarneau and Courtin whose store is in Trégunc.

Conserverie Gonidec
2 Rue Henri Fabre, 29900 Concarneau

Conserverie Courtin
ZA de Kerouel, 29990 Tregunc

Chancerelle cannery
ZI de Lannugat, 29 100 Douarnenez


Les viviers de Penfoulich

Seafood lovers will not hesitate for a second to join the fishponds of Penfoulic’h! What could be better than an on-site tasting? Not far from the Les Saules campsite, taste oysters, mussels, clams and periwinkles which are harvested or fished a few meters from the shore.

Les viviers de Penfoulic’h
Route de Beg an Aer, 29940 La Forêt-Fouesnant

Are you curious about our specialties ? Don’t delay, your holiday in Fouesnant will be a treat for sure. We’re waiting for you!

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