July 20, 2021

Information VACCINE PASS

A “vaccination pass” has been in place since January 24 for anyone over the age of 16 and mainly in certain places of leisure and culture.

What is the vaccination pass?
This is the presentation
• proof of vaccination – complete vaccination schedule (booster dose included) –
• a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 dating back at least 11 days and less than 6 months
• or a medical certificate of contraindication to vaccination.
Negative results of screening tests (PCR, antigens and self-tests) are no longer taken into account.

The QR code of the TousAntiCovid application is automatically converted to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass.

A derogation is granted for those who embarked on a vaccination course before February 16 (first injection dating back no more than 4 weeks) on presentation of proof of administration of the 1st dose and the result of a test or negative review within 24 hours.

For minors aged 12 to 15, the “sanitary pass” – which includes the additional possibility of presenting proof of a negative test within 24 hours – remains in force.

Campsites, like other tourist accommodation providers such as holiday villages or tourist residences, can continue to welcome their customers subject to compliance with the following provisions.

Since January 24, the vaccination pass has come into effect at the entrance to certain places and leisure establishments (theatre, entertainment, restaurants, bars, certain swimming pools).

A campsite has a swimming pool or an ERP covered by the decree; Two options are then available to managers:

1. The pass may only be presented once, upon arrival at the campsite. After presentation of a valid pass, proof will no longer be required from customers and visitors to the campsite to access the various places and activities of the establishment: performance halls, entertainment venues, bars,
restaurants, …, and this throughout the duration of the stay
2. The operator can also choose to request the vaccination pass only at the entrance to the ERPs concerned , in particular the restaurants and bars of the campsites. This option can make it possible to remove the current uncertainties and possible difficulties in welcoming foreign clients whose vaccination schedule would not be recognized in France at the time of their stay.

NOTE: the information below is established on the basis of the texts in force on January 27, 2022 and announcements made by the Government. They may need to evolve. Additional information will then be communicated to you immediately.