GR34 and geocaching in Fouesnant

5 ideas for walks around Fouesnant

What to do during a stay in the South Finistère? We have an idea for you: a hike on the GR34 from the campsite Les Saules. Beautiful walks await you along the coast of Finistère. And if you want to spice up your excursion, let yourself be tempted by geocaching, a life-size treasure hunt.

Beautiful walks at the foot of the campsite

Do you feel the call of nature? From Vitré to Tour-du-Parc, passing through Saint-Malo, the GR 34 travels 1800 km of Brittany coast. Explore the Fouesnant Forest and its surroundings with the Douanier’s path, which passes down the campsite and runs along the coast. 4 hiking loops are accessible near the campsite Les Saules:

1- Around the Fouesnant Forest (in green) – 11 km

If you take the first loop, the path invites you to go around the Forest-Fouesnant. This walk takes you to the marina of Port-La Forêt, through wooded areas. Open your eyes because historic sites punctuate your walk! Don’t miss Kerleven’s tumular mound, watermill of Chef du Bois and Locamand’s protohistoric stele.

Departure from the campsite - Kerleven Beach


2- Between the Forest-Fouesnant and Anse Saint Laurent (in purple) – 7.7km

Why not follow the second loop? It extends almost as far as Concarneau, about 7.7 km. Walk along the coast of South Finistère via The Anse of Saint Jean and the Anse Saint-Laurent in Concarneau. The trail borders beautiful forests. During the hike, sit down from time to time to observe plants and animals.

Departure from the campsite - Kerleven Beach


3- Walk between the port and Penfoulic Anse (in blue) – 4.4 km

The third option takes you from one port to another. She starts at the captaincy in the heart of the marina. Then head to the Anse de Penfoulic! Beautiful views, especially on the Pointe de Cap Coz, invite contemplation. You can also discover Penfoulic’s fish ponds or enjoy some seafood for a direct sale.

Departure: Port-la-Forêt Port Captaincy

4- From Cape Coz to Beg Meil (in yellow) – 10km

The fourth and final loop we offer near the campsite Les Saules: from Cap Coz to Beg Meil. It’s a 3-hour walk for the 10 km of coastline. You will pass near the beach of Kerveltrec, Cap Coz and Lantecost, meet a semaphore (building allowing communication between land and sea) and the state dune.

Departure: Descent from Bellevue

Find more hiking tours on the site or by buying the guide from the Tourist Office of Fouesnant-Les Glénan.

Have fun with geocaching !

You love hiking but want a more fun experience  ? Geocaching in Brittany is surely for you. Connected to a website or app from your smartphone, you need to find caches (such as a small box) using geolocation. It’s up to you to guide your team to the cache. Did you find it ? Perfect, mark your passage and go in search of the next  ! There are plenty of websites to participate in the adventure, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you. Geocaching allows you to go to places you might not have suspected existed. A good idea for the holidays!


Photo by Johan Larsson

All the cards are in your hands. The hardest part is choosing from these various possibilities. Don’t hesitate to try several throughout your stay in La Forêt-Fouesnant.

Go on a treasure hunt with geocaching!